About Us

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The Colombo family started working with design and furniture at the beginning of 1900.

Grandfather Antonio,  the founder of the family business,  has able to convey to his sons,  Davide and Silvano,  his passion for wood e furniture.

The Colombo brothers, Davide and Silvano learnt what their father taught them dedicating

themselves first to  production and then to trade.

Here we are at the third generation : Anna,  Antonio and Gigi.

Over time they have created synergies using passion and competence.

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Showroom Lissone

The showroom in Lissone has a wide private parking

Showroom Lissone

Showroom Lissone – interior design

Showroom Gervasoni - Milano Centro

Showroom Gervasoni – located in the center of Milan

Showroom Gervasoni Milano

Showroom Milano Gervasoni – interior design

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