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The Colombo srl never makes banal choices of the plan. They organize the space,  both for the showroom and for homes,  paying attention to details.

Different styles to show different concepts of home projects,  this means spaces built starting from own affinities and individual emotions.

Homes are made to be lived in and not only to be seen.

designing a house from when it is in initial stages gives it unique characteristics made  up at details that connect it to the members of the family who live there.

Designing while thinking about what the customer likes and observing technical rules means that the house will be just like you imagined it,  in colour,  building materials and functionality.

Only by using the synergy between the architect/designer and the customers it is possible to get the best emotional/functional solution.

The Colombo srl follows the costumers in all design stages,  explaining and giving a reason for all the solutions they offer.

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